"Eduardo Alvarado gave me a huge surprise this last friday when showed me one of his new works based on one of my paintings. His sculpture is named "Caio Stelae".
I am happy because i sincerely, not just admire his work, as i see relation between our works. We have very similar, not identical, searchs... a kind of concernment about the being and its relation with the space and its own existence (i am trying to be really short here). 
Other relation is that on his work, as mine, you at the same time are able to see a very authentic and personal aesthetic do not hiding the influence of the great masters of the past, i mean, when i look to his work i see Eduardo Alvarado, but i can see all the great Spanish painters of the history as well... this is fascinating, this is the kind of contemporary painter i like to see and always wished to be. 
Exist many diferences between us, sure, the first one that called my attention when i discovered his work is the fact that the objects or beings he paints have a very well defined place on the space, they're inserted into a very specific space and have a relation with it. 
While in my work, the figures painted are in a nowhere. They have no relation with any space and don't belong to any place. 
It is a honnor for me that an exellent artist and with a good recoginition in his country (Spain) have had the kind gesture of remembering me. 
Thank you Eduardo !"