"I do them for me… but they are for you too. Always have been. It’s the illustrator in me.
Trying to communicate…
Years of working for (every body) and wired to figure out what’s going on? in a particular situation… Subtle things, contradictory things. Multiple layers of meaning…
Couldn’t make sense of a lot of things (I report that).
Put it all down so we can look at it. See any thing you recognize?
Hey, it’s the old ‘life examined’ motif, isn’t it, Socrates?
The Society of Illustrators has given me the chance to share my journals with you.
Please come and check them out.
They’ve been seen by a lot of people in my travels, but never like this. It’s almost ALL of them. 100 Journals. And yeah, for and from me… for you."

June 10- July 31, 2009
The Society of Illustrators
128 East 63rd Street
New York, NY 10065