Bora Yoon is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer, who creates architectural soundscapes from everyday found objects, chamber instruments and digital devices. Yoon—who’s been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal for her musical innovations—explores where sound connects to the subliminal through the timbres of the human voice, viola, water, Tibetan singing bowls, radios, cell phones, metronomes, music boxes, glockenspiel, guitar, found sounds, custom-built instruments, electronics, and antiquated audio technology. Using a sound designer’s approach to performance composition that is steered by a penchant for a song, she can ably tune to sizzling bacon fat and harmonize to the whir of a G5, creating music that plays with sensory associations and spatial idiosyncrasies, with much spontaneity and little regard to the classifying genres of instrumentation.