Composer and cellist Ernst Reijseger has written and recorded for Werner Herzog's »Cave Of Forgotten Dreams« a new soundtrack. Herzog made a documentary which is a wonderful portrait of the cave art discovered at Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc in France. These paintings are achingly beautiful, and when Herzog's camera glides along the cave walls, accompanied by the music of cellist Ernst Reijseger, it's impossible not to be moved and awed. Reijseger creates enchanting music for choir, organ, piano, flute and cello. The human voices of the choir, Harmen Fraanje's organ sounds, Sean Bergin's flute and Ernst Reijseger's cello arise to a complex sound painting. His music is a refreshment for the soul, far away from the noise and chaos of a big city. Reijseger has composed music of unearthly beauty for the thirty thousand years old cave paintings and created a new cathedral of sounds. All adaptions and arrangements of the music by Ernst Reijseger were especially made for the film. All titles of the compositions are named in close connection with the movie. For these special compositions the warmth and depth of low cello sounds are most important. Ernst Reijseger's new five string cello (a dream he had for a long time) was finished just in time for the sound configuration and sound design of this music. The extra low string of the cello offers him the possibility to create deep sounds and to express a mysterious flair. Reijseger plays with the choir, to the special piano sounds and to the drone of the organ. An impressive sound collage emerges. Music of a healing power got born. The beauty of the human voices in connection with cello and the organ sounds almost sacral. Reijseger is using the symbolism of the church organ and the choir to create music far away from sacrality. Werner Herzog: "The music in this film is extremely important and adds a very strange beautiful different dimension to it. Ernst Reijseger, a great and genius avant-garde cello player and composer."