"You had the audacity to draw your suicidal mother's corpse..."
"Yes, my teacher told me it was the only worthwhile drawing I had done in his class..."
"And have you drawn others who have taken their own lives?"
"Not until very recently..."
"But you've known many others..."
"Yes...you mean other...suicides..."
"Yes. Have you an understanding of them?"
"I think about them...but I lack the wisdom to understand. I don't understand things very well...I just draw them..."
"Then you must do that. Look. Behind this curtain. Look at them."
"I...I see them."
"Then you must draw."

"One looks for evidence..."
"I draw the evidence...but my drawings from imagination lack the feeling of that first drawing...I was there. I saw Mother's body... I drew what I saw..."
"And you put your drawings into books?"
"I do. I do the best I can...but..."
"But what?"
"But I can't really see...it's not the same."
"Then you must come with me."
"You will see...and you will draw."

"Who are you? Why...I don't know you...Where do you want me to go?"
"I am the cowled figure. I exist only for those who must see to understand. My ancestors have been guides to many."
"Where what can be seen can lead to understanding. You do know me. I have always been with you. Now that you can see me..."
"But this is academic..."
"If you want to make drawings that your teacher...who by the way was and is one of my kinsmen...If you want to make those kind of drawings...and to understand suicide...come."
"Bring your paper and your pen."
"You will see."
"And you will draw."
"I will go with you and I will draw."


Exhibition dates: October 4–November 16, 2013

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design
366 So. First Street
San Jose, CA 95113